Daily Message – 14 Dec 2021

“For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope.”Romans 15:4 NKJV The Bible contains a lot of really good advice, but it’s not a self-help book. It is much more important than that. A self-help book may be a usefulContinue reading “Daily Message – 14 Dec 2021”

Our Next Book

Good Evening everyone! For the next few months we will be studying some of the smaller books of the New Testament. Just because they are smaller doesn’t mean that they are less important. Tomorrow, Sept 2nd we will start with Colossians. Colossians focuses on Jesus Christ as the Head of the church and is dividedContinue reading “Our Next Book”

1st Corinthians – Chapter 8

Beginning in chapter 8 through chapter 11, Paul addresses the question the had about food that was offered to idols. In the Greco-Roman world there were temples and shrines dedicated to pagan gods. It was common for worshippers to offer animal sacrifices and the excess meat was sold in the market place by the paganContinue reading “1st Corinthians – Chapter 8”

1st Corinthians – Chapter 6

In chapter 6, Paul tells us that we, the believers, will judge the world, and we will even judge the angels. Stop and let that sink in for a minute. We will judge the world, what a responsibility that Jesus has given us. In spite of that responsibility, we can’t even resolve our own conflictsContinue reading “1st Corinthians – Chapter 6”

1st Corinthians – Chapter 4

In verses 1 through 5 Paul emphasizes his faithfulness and the genuineness of his motives as an apostle of Jesus Christ. But remember that only God can judge your heart. Paul’s deepest desire and our deepest desire is to be found faithful before God. How people judge us doesn’t matter. Only the Lord can fullyContinue reading “1st Corinthians – Chapter 4”