Old Testament Challenge – 9 Feb 2021

Today, we start the book of Leviticus. You are probably wondering how a book about laws and sacrifices pertain to our lives. The answer to that question and the main message of Leviticus comes from chapter 19 verse 2. “You must be holy because I, the LORD your God, am holy” Look at what theContinue reading “Old Testament Challenge – 9 Feb 2021”

Old Testament Challenge – Day 15

Our Old Testamet Challenge reading today is Genesis chapters 31 and 32. In two chapters God tells Jacob to return to Canaan. Jacob with his wives, children, livestock, and all his belongings leaves Padan-Aram without Laban knowing it. Laban finds out that Jacob left and pursues him. Laban catches up with Jacob seven days laterContinue reading “Old Testament Challenge – Day 15”

Old Testament Challenge – Day 13

How is everyone with the Challenge? If you miss a day or so, don’t worry. Just start where we are now. Our goal is to read God’s Word daily, but with any goal it does take time to achieve it. Today’s Old Testament reading is Genesis chapters 27 and 28. In chapter 27 Isaac requestContinue reading “Old Testament Challenge – Day 13”

Old Testament Challenge – Day 12

Our Old Testament reading today is Genesis chapters 25 and 26. Chapter 25 starts out with the descendants of Abraham with his wife Keturah, which he took after Sarah had died. The death of Abraham at 175 years old. The birth of Esau and Jacob, when Issac was 60 years old. The chapter ends withContinue reading “Old Testament Challenge – Day 12”

Old Testament Challenge – Day 7

7 Jan 2021 Yesterdays Old Testament Challenge was Genesis chapters 15 and 16. Chapter 15 begins with a vision from God to Abraham. God tells Abraham, “Do not be afraid, for I will protect you and your reward will be great.” Abrahams reply is in verse 2, “Lord, what good is all your blessings whenContinue reading “Old Testament Challenge – Day 7”