About Us

Welcome to The Scriptural Truth! I have been following Jesus for many, many years. As you might guess, I have a Biblical perspective on everything… Family, Life, Society, Culture, Politics, and yes, even Religion!

I’ll be sharing my thoughts, along with Bible studies, Inspirational, Sermons, Devotions, Verses of Encouragement, Funny Jokes and Stories, that help out family and friends as a Pastor.

We all know that following Jesus is a lifestyle that may seem difficult at times. With the inticements of this world, temptations from Satan, testing from God, and with so many different Bible teachings going around today, it’s difficult to distinguish the truth from error. But, by studying the Scriptures we can find the Scriptural Truth!

I pray that this blog will encourage, comfort, and bless you as you grow in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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