Old Testament Challenge – Day 2

Our reading for today is Genesis chapters 3 and 4. My goal is to post a outline of our reading. There will be many topics as we go through the Old Testament, so my plans are to make a post for each topic. Feel free to ask questions, post insights and comments.

Chapter 3

The tempation to sin – verses 1 through 5

The fall of man or you can say Adam and Eve rebel against God – verses 6 through 13

The result of Adam and Eve’s disobedience to God or the curse that God put on Adam, Eve, the earth, and the serpent – verses 14 through 21

Adam and Eve expelled from the garden – verses 22 through 24

Chapter 4

Birth of Cain and Abel – verses 1 through 7

Abel Murdered – verses 8 through 10

Cain’s curse – verses 11 through 15

Cain dwells in the land of Nod and Cain’s descendants – verses 16 through 18

Lamech’s descendants and Lamech takes a man life – verses 19 through 24

The birth of Seth – verses 25 and 26

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