1st Corinthians – Chapter 8

Beginning in chapter 8 through chapter 11, Paul addresses the question the had about food that was offered to idols. In the Greco-Roman world there were temples and shrines dedicated to pagan gods. It was common for worshippers to offer animal sacrifices and the excess meat was sold in the market place by the pagan priests. The question arose as to whether Christians were free to eat such meat. Was the meat taken from an animal that was sacrificed to a pagan god defiled. Paul makes no mention of the prohibition made by Jewish Christian leaders. You can read about that in Acts chapter 15. Paul does emphasize that one’s actions must be governed by loving consideration of others. And this holds true for us today. Many Corinthian believers having grown up in the pagan world, viewed eating such meat as an expression of devotion to the god to whom it was sacrificed. For such Christians, to eat the meat presented to a god would violate their weak consciences. Folks, as believers we must be careful what we do does not cause an immature believer to sin against their conscience. If we do, it’s a sin against Jesus Christ.

Published by Bobby Robinson, Jr

Biblical perspective on Life, Society, Culture, Politics, and Religion!

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