1st Corinthians – Chapter 5

In verses 1 through 5 Paul confronts sexual immorality in the church and instructs the Christian’s to expel a shameless offender from their fellowship. Sexual immortality is any form of illicit sexual activity.

In verses 9 through 13 the church is to discipline anyone in the church who is known to be living in sin. We are encouraged not to separate from the company of sinful unbelievers, but to separate from a professing believer who is living in sin. This is intended to reinforce and maintain the high moral standard of the Christian community. This social pressure that this exerts might encourage repentance in an erring brother or sister. Remember, we are not called to judge or discipline sin unbelievers or in other words, those outside the church, but we are to judge or discipline those who are professing believers, or those that are in the church.

Published by Bobby Robinson, Jr

Biblical perspective on Life, Society, Culture, Politics, and Religion!

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