1st Corinthians – Chapter 3

In verses 1 through 4, Paul having contrasted human and spiritual wisdom, he returns to the divisiveness in the Corinthian church, particularly their misplaced devotion to himself and Apollos. Paul rebukes the Christians at Corinth for their spiritual immaturity. Their behavior was not that of spiritual people, but like unbelievers who are attracted to the wisdom and values of the world. Though they were converted, their lives and thinking did not reflect maturity in Christ and the transforming perspective of His spirit. Their jealousy and quarreling showed that they still just like unbelievers, controlled by their sinful nature rather than by the Spirit of God.

In verses 10 through 17, Paul had laid the foundation when he first began the church in Corinth. Now others were building on it by what they were teaching. There can never be any other foundation than Jesus Christ, but the Corinthians were in danger of treating a human teacher as their foundation. Many churches today are guilty of doing the same. As Christians we must be very careful, both in what we teach and how we live and relate to one another. We as believers are the temple of God, and God’s Holy Spirit lives in us. We are holy! There are terrible consequences who destroys God’s temple by jealousy, argumentativeness, and divisiveness.

Paul returns to the contrast between human wisdom and spiritual wisdom in verses 18 through 23. Using Old Testament quotations, Paul encourages the Corinthians to be willing to appear foolish in the eyes of the world so that they may be truly wise in God’s eyes. In our world today many think we are foolish for what we believe, but you know that’s ok. I rather be wise in God’s eyes than the world’s eyes. Godly wisdom trumps worldly wisdom anytime!

Published by Bobby Robinson, Jr

Biblical perspective on Life, Society, Culture, Politics, and Religion!

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