1st Corinthians – Chapter 2

In verses 1 through 5, God’s sovereign work made Paul’s preaching effective. In his evangelism, Paul did not rely on the persuasive power of his intellect or his dynamic personality, but on the power of the Holy Spirit.

These five verses teaches and encourages us that when God calls us to do His work, our weakness is no barrier to His work. That the real power is not charismatic preaching, finesse of presentation, or logical persuasiveness, but in the message itself, centered on Christ and His death for our sins, and on the power of the Holy Spirit, who convicts the human heart.

In verses 6 through 16, Paul emphasizes God’s wisdom in contrast to the world’s wisdom. Real wisdom is not mere human wisdom but the wisdom of the Spirit. Only the spiritually mature will recognize God’s wisdom. God’s deep secrets are not understood through secular wisdom or philosophy, but through God’s own Spirit, who alone can reveal God’s thoughts to his people.

Published by Bobby Robinson, Jr

Biblical perspective on Life, Society, Culture, Politics, and Religion!

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