Thoughts on the Pandemic

Good morning my dear friends and family! If you don’t claim me as a friend or family…..well, good morning anyway! I’ve been thinking…..I know…. Bobby thinking…..that can be dangerous! What I’m about to say may make some mad and want to unfriend or unfamily me, but if you really know me, I won’t lose any sleep over it. All you nut cases out there who think that the government is trying to close down the church need to read your Bibles! The government or even satan himself has no power over the church. If you read God’s Word you would know that. This pandemic might have a great outcome. God’s church would be restored to what it should be. Folks, the way the church operates today is not the way God intended from the beginning. It has been corrupted over the years and has lost its power and glory. Did God create this Caronavirus to get our attention….No, this virus is a man made mistake. Is God using this Caronavirus to get believers attention……Yes! The church is not the buildings and all the fancy programs. We are the children of the almighty God, Yahweh and we don’t need those buildings and programs to serve Him. We are the temple of God, not those buildings. Over the years we have let Satan influence our way of thinking and that has made a mockery of God’s church. Folks, this a wake call to the church…….get back to your first love!

Author: Bobby Robinson, Jr

Biblical perspective on Life, Society, Culture, Politics, and Religion!

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